Famous Black People

Famous Black People

The Etymology and Dictionary Definition

A Black person can be loosely defined as someone with dark skin who comes from the continent of Africa, or whose antecedents came from Africa. The term “Black people” has been applied in a racial classification system for human beings who possess a dark-skinned phenotype rich in melanin pigments, as compared to other racial groups.

Black People and the World’s History

World history has brought forth many people who have been noted as geniuses, but only a handful of them have ever been noted as “multi-genius”. Notable historians have applied the term “multi-genius” to describe such people as Socrates and Plato. However, at the same time, hardly any historian has ever noted a Black person as a multi-genius, even though there has been an equal number of Black multi-geniuses as there are White.

As a matter of fact, the world’s earliest and one of the most influential multi-genius in recorded history was a Black Egyptian named Imhotep. Others include Benjamin Banneker and Cheikh Anta Diop.

Famous Black People and their Contributions

Before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, Black people who aimed to pursue a career in science, technology, or various other fields, faced a number of obstructions. These obstructions included very limited access to educational programs, the media and the political scene, and research positions that would have allowed them to blossom in their respective fields.

Nevertheless, many famous Black people, men and women, have made a number of significant contributions to society, influencing the people around them, as well as to nearly every branch of science. There have been countless influential black musicians, actors, historians, politicians, inventors, authors, artists, activists and other people in every field of work that have revolutionized the history of the world.

Famous Black People In History

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